Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where do you source your gemstones?
A: We have a network of reputable sources that have been in the industry for many years. Most of them are members in good standing of the American Gem Trade Association and of the International Colored Gemstone Association.

Q: Why do I not see gemstone prices?
A: Jocalia Palatium™ is primarily a gem dealer providing gemstones to jewellery professionals: goldsmiths, jewellers, and retailers. We also sell gemstones to members of the public. However, a private viewing of gemstones is recommended. To make an appointment, please contact us at 613-882-0217 or

Q: If I do not find the gemstones of interest on your website, does it mean you do not have them?
A: There is a time lag between existing inventory and the uploaded photos on the website. Please contact us at 613-882-0217 or    If we do not have them, we can help sourcing them for you.

Q: Where is your jewellery manufactured?
A: Our jewellery is manufactured in a small scale production in Canada by talented goldsmiths and master smiths. We can tell you who has carefully and passionately created our jewellery. Most of our jewellery are one-off and often difficult to reproduce because of the availability of the same or similar gemstone(s).

Q: How come I have never seen your sale items?
A: We do not believe in inflated pricing as to offer promotional sale items later. Our products are well priced. The price of our jewellery reflects the cost of manufacturing and the cost of materials. Since we are not a brick-and-mortar store, we can pass on overhead savings to customers.

Gem Identification:

Q: Would you identify if the gemstone I purchased from the Internet was authentic?
A: Absolutely, we would. Especially if you plan to have the gemstone set in a custom jewellery piece, you may want to have the stone verified if it is natural, lab-created or simulant.

Q: What kind of tools or equipment do you use to identify gemstones?
A: We have a laboratory equipped with basic gemmological tools and equipment such as a microscope, a refractometer, a polariscope, a dichroscope, a spectroscope, and a Chelsea filter, that can be used in my gem identification. For the finer quality gems, we will seek confirmation of authenticity, at the buyer’s request, from an independent gem testing lab that is equipped with advanced technology.

Q: What are your credentials?
A: After an extensive theorical and practical training, Phanlert Panaram graduated as a registered gemmologist from the International School of Gemology. He is a member of the ISG Global Network as well as a student member in good standing of the American Gem Trade Association. Both organizations are committed to ethical business practices and disclosure of gemstone enhancements.


Q: Why does one need an appraisal?
A: In most cases, an appraisal is obtained for insurance purposes, whether it be retail replacement value to insure against damage or loss, or an estate/probate settlement.

Q: How come there is a disagreement in appraisal values from one appraiser to another?
A: An appraiser provides an informed professional opinion, based on research of the current market at the time of appraisal, of the authenticity, quality and approximate value of gems or jewellery. There can also be variations depending on the types/purposes of appraisals.

Q: What are the types/purposes of appraisals?
A: The most common is for insurance coverage purpose. Other types/purposes include estate and probate appraisal, hypothetical appraisal for damaged jewellery or casualty loss claims, divorce settlement appraisal, liquidation or collateral appraisal, donation and charity appraisal.

Q: What is the hypothetical appraisal?
A: The hypothetical appraisal is performed when a jewellery item is not available for inspection.

Q: Can I watch while you are doing an appraisal work?
A: Yes, you can. After an initial discussion and a mutual agreement, we will do the appraisal while you wait.

Q: How long does an appraisal take?
A: In general, it takes about 1-2 hours including our initial discussion. The complexity and the number of items may require more time to do advanced testings and/or research and analysis. If that is the case, you will be notified before the next steps can begin.

Q: Can I leave a piece of jewellery with you for evaluation?
A: Yes, you can, even though we prefer to do an appraisal in front of you while you wait.

Jocalia Palatium™ is gem dealer, registered gemmologist and jewellery designer located in Ottawa, Canada. We specialize in coloured gemstones. We design unique pieces of jewellery and work with local goldsmiths to manufacture made-in-Canada jewellery. We also provide gem identification and appraisal, and gem sourcing services.

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