Services and Service Fees in Canadian Dollar

Gem Identification:

Loose gemstone $50.00

Mounted gemstone $60.00

Mounted multi-stones $90.00 and up

Gem identification includes identification and treatment report for coloured gemstones only. No extra charge for any size or shape or type. Diamonds may require advanced testing at additional costs at major gemmological laboratories.


Loose gemstone $90.00 and up

Coloured gemstone jewellery $95 and up

Diamond jewellery:

0.01- 0.99 ct    $95.00

1.00- 1.99 ct    $125.00

2.00- 2.99 ct   $190.00

3.00- 3.99 ct   $250.00

4.00- 4.99 ct   $375.00

5.00- 5.99 ct   $500.00

6.00 and up      as quoted

Appraisals for loose gemstones or jewellery items include full evaluation, description, image, documentation and value.

Other appraisal-related services:

Diamond plotting $50.00 and up (Recommended on diamonds of 0.70 ct and over)

Consultation $90.00 per hour (minimum charge $90.00)

Mobile laboratory $90.00 per hour plus travel time of portal to portal services

Appraisal updates $65.00 (from original appraisal issued by us)

Legal consultation fee $125.00 (minimum charge $125.00)

Deposition and Court time Full day $1,000.00 + expenses (minimum ½ day charge at $500.00)

Other services:

Gem cutting $90 and up

Ring resizing $20.00 and up

Jewellery repair and cleaning

Jewellery design and manufacturing

Gemstone sourcing and replacement

Gemstone/jewellery photography

Our complementary services:

Private viewing of gemstones and jewellery

Local delivery in Ottawa and surrounding areas

Shipping to Canada and U.S. for a purchase of $500 and over

Jewellery design using our gemstone(s)

Collaboration with trade professionals (gemstones and designer jewellery showcase)

Fees are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us (, 613-882-0217) for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Jocalia Palatiumâ„¢ is gem dealer, registered gemmologist and jewellery designer located in Ottawa, Canada. We specialize in coloured gemstones. We design unique pieces of jewellery and work with local goldsmiths to manufacture made-in-Canada jewellery. We also provide gem identification and appraisal, and gem sourcing services.

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