The gem world would be so much simpler if all blue stones were sapphires, and all green stones were emeralds and all red stones were rubies. But the truth of the matter is that a variety of gemstone families such as corundum, tourmaline, and beryls can produce a variety of colours. A red stone, therefore, may be a corundum (ruby), a bixbite (beryl), a spinel or a garnet.

A green stone from the beryl family can either be an emerald or a green beryl. Emeralds get the green colour from the trace amounts of chromium, and sometimes vanadium. But generally a medium to dark tone in green beryls is considered emerald, whereas the light-toned gems are known as green beryls.

Green stones from the beryl family, therefore, are either emeralds or green beryl. This is particularly tricky as bona fide emeralds command a significantly higher per carat price than do green beryls. This can lead to unscrupulous or otherwise misinformed vendors making false claims about the stone. Blue stones from the beryl family are called aquamarines. Pink stones from the beryl family are called Morganite. Red stones from the beryl family are often called red emeralds. Perhaps vendors are hoping that this association to rubies will result in a higher price-point for the red beryl. It must be noted that red beryl was historically referred to as bixbite, but this terminology has mostly disappeared from the industry and people just make reference to red beryl. It should also be noted that red beryl is used as a ruby simulant. While red beryl can produce stunningly beautiful stones in its own right, current market conditions are such that rubies still command the higher prices. This can lead to some unscrupulous or otherwise misinformed vendors making false claims about a stone being a ruby when it is in fact a red beryl. Colourless stones are referred to as goshenite. While yellow stones are referred to as heliodor. Each colour can produce beautiful gem specimens and prices vary from a lower to upper range depending on colour tone, carat size, clarity, and cut.

Given the fact that each colour has inherent value in its own right, the beryl gemstones will be treated as separate products and given their own information fiche rather than grouped here. Stones from the beryl family include:

  • goshenite (colourless)
  • red beryl (red)
  • morganite (pink)
  • heliodor (greenish-yellow)
  • golden beryl (pure yellow)
  • yellow beryl (yellow)
  • emeralds (green)
  • green beryls (green)
  • aquamarine (blue)
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