The Big Three

It is impossible to discuss the coloured gemstone industry without mentioning the three reigning kings of the market; namely blue sapphires, red rubies, and green emeralds. To this day, fine quality gem material of either of these three command very high (the highest?) prices. They have withstood the test of time with respect to desirability and have come to epitomise the coloured gemstone industry. Even a cursory knowledge of just these three stones can already begin to convey both how complex and how fascinating the coloured gemstone world can be.

These three gems come from two different families of stones: both sapphires and rubies come from the corundum family while emeralds come from the beryl family. Both corundum and beryl families can produce stones of practically any colour of the rainbow including: reds, yellows, greens and blues. So this is where things can already becoming interesting: while a green stone from the beryl family can properly be categorized as an ’emerald’ a green stone from the corundum family cannot. Conversely, while a red stone of the corundum family can appropriately be called a ‘ruby’, a red stone from the beryl family cannot. In the same way, while a blue stone from the corundum family can legitimately be called a sapphire, a near-matching blue spinel cannot. So … while gems from different families of stones may overlap in colour … they cannot all be legitimately be called either a sapphire, a ruby, or an emerald. Colour alone, therefore, is not a sufficient criterium to categorize or name a stone – other features must also be present.

Other Upcoming Colourful Gems
  • Peridot

All gemstones are special in their unique way. That is why we do not speak of precious versus semi-precious varieties. Certainly, availability (supply) and market trends (demand) will have an effect on price. But the collective name for all ornamental stones is, appropriately so, gemstones.

Yes, it’s true, there are considerations such as ’cut’, ’clarity’, ’colour’ and ’carat’ that weigh heavily on a stone’s value and, by extension, its price. But these are technical matters. In the end, what is most important, is our sense of aesthetics – the beauty that is intrinsic to the stone – a beauty that is not always possible to express in words as our relationship with the stone is more emotive than rational.

At Jocalia Palatium™, our focus is primarily on coloured gemstones. We believe that coloured gemstones are sadly underrated in North America more broadly and here in Canada especially. Still, it is the material to which we are most drawn because of its beauty and near infinite variety.

Loose stones, while appealing and pleasing in their own right, really shine when set in beautiful jewellery that highlights the wearers’ equally unique personalities. Whether you purchase a loose stone or instead wish to have a piece commissioned, we can help you. We continually seek out and work with creative professionals, who display quality craftsmanship, who can bring your vision to life.

Thank you for your interest in Jocalia Palatium™. We hope you enjoy your tour of our modest Web site and the beautiful stones on offer.

Based in Ottawa, Jocalia Palatium™ specializes in coloured gems and handcrafted jewellery. We hand select each piece of gem ourselves and we work closely with jewellery designers and local goldsmiths to create one unique piece of jewellery entirely made in Canada with imported gemstones.

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