Jocalia Palatium™, your source for jewels, gemstones and wearable art. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We source coloured gemstones as a wholesaler for other industry professionals such as goldsmiths, jewellers and jewellery designers. Please contact us at 613-882-0217 or info@jocaliapalatium.com for a wholesale price of our gems, or to arrange for a private viewing. Our gems can be viewed online at gems.jocaliapalatium.com Gem colour can be different from one computer screen to the other. We recommend that you view gemstones in person.

We also commission limited numbers of jewellery products from goldsmiths and master smiths in Canada for retail. Our jewellery products are 100% locally made in Canada (with imported gemstones) by Canadians. In most cases, they are one-of-a-kind or original one-off jewellery that you can be certain no one else has.



At Jocalia Palatium™, we endeavour to provide accurate disclosure: disclosing whether stones are natural untreated, natural treated, natural simulants, or synthetics (laboratory-created).

For the finer quality gem products (which we affectionately refer to as ‘jewels’), we will seek confirmation of authenticity from an independent gem testing lab at the buyer’s request. For commercial quality stones (for which we use the generic term ‘gemstones’), the cost of independent lab testing could prove prohibitive.  In cases where the cost is considered too high to warrant such independent testing, we will nonetheless endeavour to conduct our in-house testing and disclose our findings as accurately and honestly as possible. To this effect, please consider the following important caveats: It should be explained that gemmologists are not laboratory scientists. We have a Registered Gemologist on-site who graduated from the International School of Gemology. It is important to us that we accurately describe the quality of the product being sold. We use gemmological tools and equipment such as a microscope, a polariscope, a dichroscope, a refractometer, and a loupe, in our gem identification.

Quality Gems


In Pursuit of Consumer Confidence

Jocalia Palatium™ wishes to deal in both fine quality gemstones (which we affectionately refer to as jewels) and commercial quality products (to which we refer by using the general term gemstones). While we will focus primarily on both untreated and treated natural products, we may occasionally deal in created products (synthetic) or simulants (natural stones but of another type). Nonetheless, we will make the appropriate disclosure. The reason we may occasionally deal in synthetic products and simulants is because these products, while not the natural product, still have an inherent value. In fact, some simulants can command prices that nearly equal the natural product by reason of their inherent beauty, durability, wearability, and rarity. It should be mentioned that not all simulants are lab-created products and that most are natural gem stones in their own right. Regardless of the case, we will endeavour to make the appropriate disclosure to our customers.


Jocalia Palatium™ is first and foremost a gem dealer providing wholesale products to jewellery professionals: goldsmiths, jewellers, and retailers. We hope the members of the public will seek assistance from jewellery professionals in order to acquire a gemstone of their interest. We do this to protect our dealer relationships with industry professionals.

A private session to view jewels and gemstones in person is recommended before making a purchase, so as to appreciate the beauty and the quality of the product of interest. To make sure you have an amble viewing time, please contact us today (613-882-0217, info@jocaliapalatium.com) to make an appointment.


Prices for coloured gem products can fluctuate significantly from place to place based on local market conditions at that particular time: product demand; product availability; local economic conditions; local market competition, etc. It may not be unusual to contact a number of different suppliers and receive different price quotations. Despite the best efforts by economists to make us believe differently: pricing is an art and not a science.

At Jocalia Palatium™, we endeavour to provide a fair quality-to-price point depending on local market conditions as described above. The value of a gem is determined by colour, size, clarity, rarity, and popularity. Small differences in clarity, cut and colour intensity can also create substantial price differences in gemstones. For comparison purpose, we do our best to ensure that the colour presented on the photos is close to that of the gemstone.

Jocalia Palatium™ is not a gemmological testing laboratory nor is it an educational institution. This does not stop us, however, from testing in-house all gem products that become part of our inventory and of sharing with you, our customers, whatever information we may have with respect to various gem products.

Phanlert Panaram
Registered Gemmologist, and Director, Operations
Based in Ottawa, Jocalia Palatium™ specializes in coloured gems and handcrafted jewellery. We hand select each piece of gem ourselves and we work closely with jewellery designers and local goldsmiths to create one unique piece of jewellery entirely made in Canada with imported gemstones.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada