Jocalia Palatium™, your source for coloured gemstones and limited-edition wearable art. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Based on our gemmological knowledge, we source coloured gemstones through our reputable network for other industry professionals such as goldsmiths, jewellers and jewellery designers, who may be looking for a replacement stone or a custom gemstone for their clients. We sometimes sell gemstones to the public as well. Please contact us at 613-882-0217 or info@jocaliapalatium.com for pricing and availability of our gems, or to arrange for a private viewing. Our gems can be viewed online at gems.jocaliapalatium.com Gem colour can be different from one computer screen to the other. We recommend that you view gemstones in person.

We also design and commission limited numbers of jewellery products from goldsmiths and master smiths in Canada for retail. Our jewellery products are 100% locally made in Canada (with imported gemstones) by talented Canadians. In most cases, they are one-of-a-kind or original limited-edition jewellery that you can be certain no one else has. Since we work closely with industry professionals, we can assist you with other services such as gem identification, gem and jewellery appraisal, ring resizing, jewellery repair and cleaning, as well as custom jewellery design.



At Jocalia Palatium™, we endeavour to provide accurate disclosure: disclosing whether stones are natural untreated, natural treated, natural simulants/imitations, or synthetics (laboratory-created). We have a registered gemmologist on site who is equipped with basic gemmological tools and equipment such as a microscope, a refractometer, a polariscope, a dichroscope, a spectroscope, and a Chelsea filter, that can be used in our gem identification.

For the finer quality gems, we will seek confirmation of authenticity, at the buyer’s request, from an independent gem testing lab that is equipped with advanced technology. In cases where the cost is considered too high to warrant such independent testing, we will endeavour to conduct our in-house testing with our lab equipment and disclose our findings as accurately and honestly as possible. Graduated from the International School of Gemology, our registered gemmologist is committed to ethical business practices and disclosure of gemstone enhancements. 

In line with our commitment to professionalism, we aim to support local employment and businesses. We design our own jewellery and work with talented professionals to perfect one-of-a-kind or limited-edition jewellery that is proudly made in Canada.

Quality Gems


In Pursuit of Consumer Confidence

Jocalia Palatium™ deals in both fine quality gemstones and commercial quality gemstones. While we focus primarily on natural gems, we may occasionally deal in synthetic or lab-created gems. Regardless of the case, we endeavour to make the appropriate disclosure to our customers.

Our jewellery products are professionally made by local craftmen, artists and goldsmiths who live and work in Canada. We incorporates coloured gemstones in our small-scale production jewellery to fuel beauty and pride of ownership.

Our services include, but not limited to, custom designing one-of-a-kind jewellery, gemstone identification, gem and jewellery appraisal, microphotography, gem cutting, gemstone sourcing, and jewellery repair and cleaning.


Customers are first and foremost important to us. We strive to provide the best customer experience.

Jocalia Palatium™ is a gem dealer providing gemstones to jewellery professionals: goldsmiths, jewellers, and retailers. We also sell coloured gems and jewellery products directly to the members of the public. Our jewellery products are limited-edition one-of-a-kind jewellery that incorporates coloured gemstones and/or unique metal alloy; they are for those who are savvy and sophisticated. Most of our jewellery products are one and only; they are for the right owner.

A private session to view jewels and gemstones in person is recommended before making a purchase, so as to appreciate the beauty and the quality of the product of interest. To make sure you have an amble viewing time, please contact us today (613-882-0217, info@jocaliapalatium.com) to make an appointment.



Prices are in Canadian dollar (CAD).

The value of a gem is determined by colour, cut, clarity, size, rarity, and popularity. Small differences in clarity, cut and colour intensity can create substantial price differences in coloured gemstones. For comparison purpose, we do our best to ensure that the colour presented on the photos is close to that of the gemstone. Please contact us for pricing and availability of gemstones in our collection. If we do not have a stone of your interest, we may be able to get it for you through our reputable network.

In terms of our jewellery products, our price reflects the cost of manufacturing and the cost of materials. Since we are not a brick-and-mortar store, we can pass on overhead savings to customers. Our aim is to be able to decorate women and men with well-deserved wearable art that showcase their personality and savoir-faire. 

Jocalia Palatium™ strives to fully disclose all the findings with you, based on our in-house gemmological laboratory tests. We believe that through a full and honest disclosure, we are able to gain our customers confidence and trust.

Phanlert Panaram
Director, Operations, and Registered Gemmologist (R.G.)
Jocalia Palatium™ is gem dealer, registered gemmologist and jewellery designer located in Ottawa, Canada. We specialize in coloured gemstones. We design unique pieces of jewellery and work with local goldsmiths to manufacture made-in-Canada jewellery. We also provide gem identification and appraisal, and gem sourcing services.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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