Jocalia Palatium™ is a gem dealer and jewellery retailers in Canada. We have semi-precious gems, precious gemstones, and fine-quality coloured stones from malachite and lapis lazuli to emeralds, rubies, and sapphires as well as more exotic specimens such as spinel (one of our favourites), star rubies, pearls, and amber (Baltic Sea). Jocalia Palatium™ also carries a selection of tourmaline; including bi-coloured varieties.

While primarily in the business of dealing in loose gemstones, Jocalia Palatium™ occasionally works with skilled crafts people to commission jewellery pieces for women and for men as well as unisex; including: pendants, rings, earrings, cuff-links, and bracelets. The jewellery may be in sterling silver, gold, or more exotic metals such as platinum; or unique alloys such as Stanadium (a mix of silver, gold, and palladium).

Jocalia Palatium™ is an authorized dealer of the AB AETERNO watches from Italy. These beautiful watches are hand-crafted from sandalwood and maple. Time is kept thanks to a Swiss-made battery-powered quartz movement. Jocalia Palatium™ is also proud to carry items from Luba Tarasova and her beautiful Baltic Sea amber creations.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Jocalia Palatium™ is pleased to serve you and looks forward to doing business with you.

While Jocalia Palatium™ does not operate a storefront location, if you are in the Ottawa (Ontario) region, we’d be happy to set up an appointment at your convenience to view whichever item may be of interest to you. Also, we have a Registered Gemologist on-site who can assist with gem identification.


Please visit in order to browse our gem collection. For more information or pricing inquiries, please contact us at 613-882-0217 or  
Based in Ottawa, Jocalia Palatium™ specializes in coloured gems and handcrafted jewellery. We hand select each piece of gem ourselves and we work closely with jewellery designers and local goldsmiths to create one unique piece of jewellery entirely made in Canada with imported gemstones.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada